Asatru has many celebrations both major and minor, to honor and bond with the gods.  These celebrations are a time to blot to the selected god or gods.  A blot being a sacrifice to the gods and a time to feast with them.

Major Holidays


Takes place on the spring equinox (the 20th or 21st of March each year).  This holiday is to celebrate birth and new life with the summoning of spring.  Goddesses recognized during this time would include Freyja, Frigga and Idun, and a blot to them is performed.  At this time we recognize the rebirth of the world around us as it has emerged from the cold of winter…the world comes alive once again and wakes from its hibernation.


Takes place on the summer solstice (the 20th or 21st of June each year).  This holiday is second only to Yule and is celebrated with a great feast and a traditional bonfire.  This is a time to celebrate the long days and summer light with a feast and blot to Baldur.

Winter Finding

Takes place on the fall equinox (the 22nd or 23rd of September each year).  This holiday is where we gather our bounty from the summer harvests and celebrate with feasts and prepare for the final harvest coming as the slow descent into winter has begun.  Generally a sacrifice would be made, a blot performed, and remembering our ancestors and the Vanir at this time.


Is a 12 day celebration starting on the night of December 20th and continuing until the 1st of January each year.  This holiday centers on celebrating the winter solstice and the darkest time of the year, beginning with the longest night of the year and from there its gradual lightening.  This symbolizes our slippping into the time of Ragnarok ( the darkness ) and as the time gets lighter it shows us Odin has held it off another year;  which is why we welcome in the new year with thanks and make oaths towards the new year.  The first night of the Yule season is termed “Mother Night” and is sacred to Frigga and the Disir.  Odin being the All-father and the one responsible for holding back Ragnarok, I find this is a time to blot to Odin and thank him for holding off the time of Raganrok, as well as remembering our ancestors.

Minor Holidays


Disablot is a blot held  to honor the disir and valkyries.  The purpose of this celebration was to enhance the coming harvest.


This takes place on April 30th – May 1st.  Essentially a celebration of the coming spring, usually accompanied by dancing and bonfires.  This is the end of the Wild Hunt which started on Winternights and culminated during Yule.

Winter nights

This takes place on October 31st.  This is the final harvest of the year and preparation for winter is made with blots made to the Vanir and to remember our ancestors.